The Instructional is now available

As I’ve written about previously, I’ve been working on a new site to provide guides, workflows and tutorials for iOS and OS X.

I’m happy to announce that The Instructional went live a few minutes ago, along with two in-depth guides:

These aren’t your average guides, these have been written to be as detailed and in-depth, whilst as easy to follow, as possible. The Personal Hotspot guide, for example, doesn’t just cover using a cellular-enabled iOS device as a wireless hotspot, it explains how to connect via Bluetooth and USB.

I will be regularly publish guides that I hope iOS and OS X users will find interesting and enjoy.

In addition, I’ll occasionally include link-posts to some great guides and workflows that others have written, all with the purpose to provide The Instructional readers with a great selection of content to learn from.

The Instructional is sponsor and donation-supported, with monthly memberships coming soon for users who would like to regularly contribute to the continued running of the site.

There’s a full RSS feed (no annoying “Click here to read more”) and posts will be shared to both and Twitter accounts.