Nike+ Fuel Lab expands platform to provide 3rd-party integration


The new Nike+ Fuel Lab will see the company working with app developers and other companies to integrate the NikeFuel platform into their products. That means Nike’s hardware— like the FuelBand fitness tracker and SportWatch— will then work with the partner apps and syncing data between the apps will become seamless.

Despite its success, Nike+ has been the most closed-minded of all the fitness services, so it’s great to see them want to do something about this.

I’ve been a Nike+ user for many years, starting with the Nike+iPod sensor before moving on to the iOS app, and if it wasn’t for this then I would likely have switched to something like RunKeeper (that offers a more open service) ages ago.

I purchased a Jawbone UP24 back at the end of last year and its integration with services such as IFTTT and MyFitnessPal makes the current Nike+ platform look rather, well, Apple-like.