Stop not linking

Matthew Panzarino, back in 2012, regarding the way many online publications choose to rewrite/regurgitate entire articles instead of linking to the original piece:

There is only one reason why you wouldn’t link right in the body of your text, as far as I’m concerned: you don’t want people to click on it.

Marco Arment on the same subject:

If you’re truly providing value, you should have the confidence to send your audience away, knowing that they’ll come back to you. If that’s not the case, don’t bother publishing.

I’ve experienced a number of instances recently where this has occurred with pieces I’ve written over at The Instructional and each time it was heartbreaking to see something I spent so long working on distorted into a cheap knock-off with just a sliver of an attribution at the end.

Both Matthew and Marco’s pieces should be required reading for anyone who intends to post something written elsewhere.