Up until the mid-part of 2014, I had two websites I’d try and regularly write for: The Instructional and my tech-related blog, Sparsebundle. As I spend more of my time focused on other things in life, I felt somewhat guilty that I wasn’t updating either site as often as I’d want to, and I no longer wanted that commitment.

I decided to digitally downsize and get rid of what had become something of a burden to me. I’ve handed over the running of The Instructional to Sam Berson, someone who I know will take the site much further than I have the time for. I also shut down Sparsebundle and moved the posts back here. Continuing that site would seem odd to me because I’ve become much less Apple-centric and it was always a site predominantly about Apple. This doesn’t mean I won’t write about Apple, however.

As I don’t want to be writing about things I’ve found myself less interested in, nor on any self-imposed frequent basis, I’ve now moved (back) here and am starting anew.