Country Names and ISO Code Snippets for TextExpander

I regularly need to include the name of a country in what I’m writing at work, so I find myself having to check the spelling, or a country’s official name, quite a lot. As I use TextExpander at work, I created a couple of snippets to make this process much simpler.

Country Names List

This is a simple popup menu snippet that includes the names and official spelling of all countries, provinces and principalities according to the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations (UN/LOCODE) list.

(image: country-list-te-snippet.png)

Rather than worry about spelling a country’s name incorrectly, or using the wrong naming convention, I can just use a keyword to bring up the snippet and select the appropriate country from the list.

ISO 3166 Country Code Selector

This next snippet is a shell script that you select the name of a country from, just like above, but instead of filling in the country’s name – it populates it with the country’s ISO 3166 code.

(image: country-iso-te-snippet.png)

Why is this useful? As an example, Stripe’s Global page is set up in such a way that, if you include a country’s ISO 3166 code as an anchor link (such as for Jordan), the country field in the “Notify me” signup form is automatically set.

Using a modified version of this snippet, I can automatically create a tailored link to the Global page whenever I’m responding to someone who isn’t able to use Stripe yet. Being able to send them to the Global page and have it filled in with the correct country already is a nice touch.

These snippets are available to download on GitHub. To include them in your own collection, clone or download the repository as a ZIP, and double-click the .textexpander file.