Visitors to Airbnb’s home page are greeted by one of several background videos that depict guests enjoying their stay. Trouble is, they’re pretty dull, especially if you’re a regular user and see them again and again.

To make the home page more interesting, I’ve created a Chrome extension (10MB) that will replace these videos with a montage of the traps from Home Alone1.



This extension isn’t on the Chrome Web Store, so installation is a little more of a manual process.

  1. Download and extract the extension
  2. Open Chrome
  3. Go to Window > Extensions
  4. Drag the extracted .crx file onto the window
  1. If you downloaded this extension when I first released it, you’ll want to update to this version (no automatic update, sorry). I’ve since updated the Chrome extension so that the video is now contained within as the link to the old video is broken. 

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