Open iTunes Store Albums in Apple Music with Workflow

Shortcuts no longer supports shortcut file imports and links no longer function. Any links to shortcuts in this post have been updated to use iCloud links.

Apple Music includes an option with its sharing menu to open a song or album in the iTunes Store if you wish to buy it, but there isn’t currently a way to do this in reverse. I still like to browse the iTunes Store, but having to switch between apps and perform a search see if an album is available on Apple Music is a bit of a chore.

Starting with iOS 8.4, iTunes Store links now open in the Music app, rather than the iTunes Store. Using a Workflow action extension, it’s simply a case of getting the iTunes Store link to a particular album and then immediately opening it. When the URL is opened, the default behaviour takes over and the album is then opened in the Music app. Now, if I stumble across an album in the iTunes Store that I want to stream with Apple Music, I just open the share sheet, tap “Run workflow” and then select “Open in Apple Music”.

Workflow to open iTunes Store content in Apple Music

Despite the new behaviour for iTunes Store links, it’s still possible to specify whether a link opens within the Music app or the iTunes Store by adding either &app=musicor &app=itunes to the end of an iTunes Store URL. I’ve included the former in the workflow simply to ensure links open in the Music app.