Reddit in the News

The London Evening Standard:

Reddit chief Ellen Pao quits after ‘sickening’ abuse and death threats from users

Reddit’s interim chief executive has resigned after receiving “sickening” abuse in the wake of the sacking of one of the company’s employees.

The Guardian:

Reddit chief Ellen Pao resigns after receiving ‘sickening’ abuse from users

[…] Last week she apologised for letting down users after Reddit sacked its director of talent, Victoria Taylor, who was responsible for the site’s Ask Me Anything forums. Taylor’s dismissal led to a petition from users demanding Pao’s removal that attracted more than 210,000 signatures. It also led to Pao reportedly receiving death threats from users angry at her handling of the situation.

BBC News:

Reddit’s Ellen Pao resigns after community’s criticism

[…] In a statement, the site criticised some of Reddit’s community over “sickening comments” made towards Ms Pao

The New York Times:

It’s Silicon Valley 2, Ellen Pao 0: Fighter of Sexism Is Out at Reddit

Ms. Pao’s abrupt downfall in the face of a torrent of sexist and racist comments, many of them on Reddit itself, is quite likely to renew charges that bullying, harassment and cruel behavior are out of control on the web — and that Silicon Valley’s well-publicized problem with gender and ethnic diversity in its work force persists.

A lot of people are going to be learning about Reddit for the first time through mainstream media, and this will be their immediate impression of it: a sexist, racist community that uses threats of rape and murder as a justifiable way to get what they want.

Congratulations, assholes of Reddit.