Creating Charts in Workflow

Shortcuts no longer supports shortcut file imports and links no longer function. Any links to shortcuts in this post have been updated to use iCloud links.

This workflow will create one of four different charts with information you provide. Chart generation isn’t handled by Workflow, as there is no native graphing functionality, but instead makes use of ChartGo, a free online chart generator that generates a chart using a query string provided in a URL.

It’s been created as a starting point for your own automation, but has a number of input requests to demonstrate what functions are available. With this workflow, you can create the following chart types:

  • Area
  • Bar
  • Line
  • Pie

The charts generated are images and there are a range of options:

  • Dimensions
  • Source Attribution
  • Gridlines
  • Gradient Colors

There are some comments within the workflow to explain each part, with some example data for you to test.

Example Charts

Area ChartBar ChartLine ChartPie Chart