From the Instapaper Blog:

2015 was a big year for Instapaper and in addition to all of our updates and feature developments, we were also quietly working on rewriting Instapaper’s website parser with a more modern web in mind. Today we’re really excited to finally launch our brand new and vastly improved parser!

We approached the rewrite with the idea that the parser is a core product and we’ll be treating its development as such from now on. As a core product, we’ve given the parser a name of its own, and will be maintaining and updating the parser with new versions and feature releases. After some deliberation, the name we went with is the somewhat obvious but entirely accurate “Instaparser,” and this launch is Instaparser 1.0.

I’ve been using Safari Reading List for the past few months after becoming too frustrated with Instapaper and its continued problems parsing web pages. More often than not, saved articles would be missing images or text, poorly formatted, containing chunks of navigation or footers, or simply not available offline. The final straw was when about half my Instapaper queue was completely unreadable in any optimised way.

I’m excited to hear of all of the changes that the Instapaper team have put in place with the new parser and am looking forward to trying it out.

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