The Mighty: A Portable Spotify Music Player

Currently on Kickstarter:

Mighty is the first and only device that plays your Spotify music without being connected to a smartphone. Lightweight, durable, and small enough to clip-on to any piece of clothing, it’s the perfect device for your active life. Mighty comes equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, is compatible with iPhones and Androids, and can play 48 hours of music without any internet connection. All for under $80.

This is a really good idea, an Android-powered portable music player for Spotify that can sync with a smartphone. I keep an iPod shuffle around because I really like having a portable music player that isn’t my phone for some cases, such as running in the rain, and back when I was a Spotify subscriber, I missed having access to my library.

I’ve switched to Apple Music but if I were still using Spotify, I’d back this.