Smile Updates the Pricing and Availability of TextExpander After User Feedback


Our changes to TextExpander last week caused concern among our customers, and many shared their passion for the product with us. We are equally passionate about TextExpander and have made these changes so that we can expand the customer base and continue to enhance the product for all users.

To some of you it may seem we don’t care about our individual customers any more and only care about business use. We care about both, and in the changing software world a single focus is not a viable long term strategy for TextExpander. We did not make these changes easily or lightly, but for the long term life of the product so we can all enjoy it and engage with it for many years to come.

Change is difficult, and we didn’t get some things right at the start. We’re listening to your feedback, and are making adjustments, effective immediately.

The blog post acknowledges the criticism from some of its users and Smile has made some significant changes to how TextExpander is made available. I’m very pleased to see that Smile has listened to its users, and is taking steps to try and address their concerns. Many software companies would have chosen to just stick to their guns, especially in the hopes that, given enough time, things would eventually calm down. Kudos to Smile for having the patience to gather feedback and not make any knee-jerk reactions when the first wave of negative comments started to arrive.

Personally, I’m very pleased to see that support and sales of both TextExpander 5 and TextExpander 3 for iOS will continue, though it’s clear that Smile sees the future of TextExpander as a subscription-based service. One common criticism of the subscription pricing was that it was expensive for individual use. Now, however, existing TextExpander users can now enjoy a permanently discounted Life Hacker plan that’s just $20/year. I think that’s a perfectly reasonable price, and one that many users will take Smile up on.