Some Workflows for Working Copy

Shortcuts no longer supports shortcut file imports and links no longer function. Any links to shortcuts in this post have been updated to use iCloud links. Shortcuts has also since added support for third-party actions which Working Copy takes advantage of. I recommend using this functionality instead of the URL-based shortcuts provided here.

Back in March, I wrote about how I manage updates to this website with Git and iOS, thanks to the app Working Copy. I only touched upon the URL scheme that the app provides, as I began writing blog posts directly within the app.

Since then, I’ve created a few workflows based upon the apps’s URL scheme to better serve my needs (I now use Ulysses to write blog posts), and demonstrate how powerful an app Working Copy is.

Basic workflows

  • Initialize a new repository: Initializes a new repository containing an empty README
  • Pull all repositories: Performs a pull command to fetch and merge changes (from origin) on all repositories within Working Copy
  • Pull repository: Performs a pull command to fetch and merge changes (from origin remote) for a specific repository within Working Copy

Ulysses blogging workflow

If you’re wanting to replicate some of my process of writing in Ulysses and then sending that content into Working Copy, you can download a copy of my current workflow. The workflow is an Action Extension that is run from within Ulysses (making sure that the exported text is being viewed in Markdown format). A few things to consider:

  • This has been specifically tailored to my blogging setup, so you’ll very likely need to make some fundamental changes, and much of this workflow may not be necessary. However, this workflow can still serve as a good starting point for a Ulysses & Working Copy combination.
  • The title of the blog post should be in a Markdown H1 tag, as this is sets the name of the blog post when exported but is stripped from the text as its processed by the workflow1.
  • Specify whether the blog post is a linked post or a normal one. If it’s a linked post, all the links are displayed in a list. The one selected is used as the post’s link.
  • Images used within a blog post aren’t currently supported. I haven’t got around to this just yet as my existing image workflow that operates outside of Ulysses is still something I use, and I rarely use images within blog posts. This is something I’ll be working on, eventually.

With that, you can still test this workflow and see exactly what it does by creating an empty repository within Working Copy and updating the repository name within the workflow.

  1. This is only necessary if the title of your blog post is handled by your blogging platform in a specific way. If you want to retain the title, or you don’t use one within the body of your post, you can remove this entire section. Credit for the Regular Expression syntax goes to Federico Viticci.