An app that describes itself as HyperCard for the modern age, Hyper is an organizational tool for iOS, macOS, and Apple TV. It just launched and is in public beta, and I’ve been very impressed with what it can do so far.

“Stacks” can be shared with other users within the app, or on the web in a read-only fashion. The developer has even created an API to export data in a variety of formats (which I’m already considering building some workflows for). Users can also post comments and ratings (if you use these) so it’s shaping up to be a decent collaborative tool for small groups.

The demo Foodr stack is a good example of what this app can do, but I encourage you to play around and see what you can create.

Hyper is brand new so it’s a little rough around the edges and doesn’t support a wide range of block formats. Considering it’s an app that only just launched, there’s a lot of promise. This is one app I’ll be keeping my eye on.

(Via Hacker News).