Workflow Updated with Revamped Gallery and Import Questions

Workflow received another major update today, part of which drastically improves how workflows can be shared. The most notable change is the revamped Workflow Gallery. Until now, it always felt overlooked and didn’t seem to be updated with any regularity (which was one of the reasons I created Workflow Directory). By having a more user-orientated gallery with profiles and the ability to share more information with each workflow, it’s going to be much easier to discover and share workflows without needing to use a whole separate website.

Workflow Gallery

Another feature that I’m excited about is that you can now specify import questions that are asked when a workflow is installed by another user. When setting an import question, Workflow asks the user to provide certain information that the workflow might need. This is especially useful with the recent API support so that you can make sure other users can easily provide their own API keys.

Import Question

There are some additional changes to Workflow so you should check out Federico Viticci’s detailed coverage over at MacStories.