AssistiveTouch and iPhone Armbands

Because I’ve yet to find a set of Bluetooth headphones that reliably pair with my Apple Watch, I sometimes take my iPhone 7 with me when going for a run. I use an Incase armband that I originally purchased for my iPhone 6 which fits the iPhone 7 perfectly. Although the screen cover doesn’t interfere with taps and clicks, it also covers the Home button, rendering it useless.

While this isn’t too much of an issue because I still use my Apple Watch to track activity and control music playback, there are times when I need to do something on the iPhone. This means stopping, taking it out of the armband, and then unlocking it. As a workaround, I make use of AssistiveTouch to display an alternative Home button on the screen which I can use instead, avoiding the need to expose the iPhone and risk dropping it out of my sweaty hands.

The Home button isn't necessary to unlock the iPhone when using AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch is enabled in Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. For quicker access, the Accessibility Shortcut (also within the Accessibility settings) can be set to toggle AssistiveTouch so it can be enabled or disabled by triple-clicking the Home button.

This works great before, and after, a run. All I need to do is triple-click the Home button before I place the iPhone into the armband. Then, if I ever need to unlock the phone, I tap the on-screen Home button and unlock the iPhone with its PIN. Once I’ve finished a workout, I triple-click the button again to disable AssistiveTouch.