Add a Memorable Name to Saved Credit Cards in Safari

Safari can save your credit card information so you automatically fill in your card number and expiration date whenever you make an online purchase. If you have multiple cards saved, it can become tricky to tell the difference.

Instead of relying upon the default description that Safari creates, you can set a custom that makes it easier to recognize. This is also useful if any of your cards have a particular loyalty program that gets you bonus points (e.g., bonus points for travel or cash back with certain retailers).

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Safari > Autofill > Saved Credit Cards
  3. Tap on the credit card that you wish to update, then edit the contents of the Description field with a suitable name (e.g., “Work”, or “Use only for travel”)
  4. Repeat with any other credit cards you want to update

Image 1-8-17, 16-34.jpeg

Now when you autofill your credit card information in Safari, you can make better use of the description to know which card to use. These changes also sync to your other iCloud-enabled device so you don’t need to make the same changes again elsewhere.

Image 1-8-17, 16-34-1.jpeg