Make the Most of the Up Next queue in Music

Up Next is a feature of Music that allows you to queue up songs to play next. It’s a great way to ensure you have a steady stream of music to listen to without interruption.

You can find the Up Next queue by swiping up on the Now Playing screen in Music. All the songs currently in the Up Next queue are then displayed. You can drag any of the songs in Up Next to re-order them.

Image 2-6-17, 21-15-1.png

Should you select a song that is part of an album, any remaining tracks are added to Up Next automatically. For instance, you can just start playing the first track of an album and Music automatically queues up the rest of the album for you.

Adding music to Up Next

There are a few different ways to bring up the Music options pane to add any songs, albums, or playlists to Up Next.

  • When viewing an album or playlist, tap the More button
  • If you’re using an iPhone with 3D Touch, you can also press down on the item
  • For other devices, you can also tap and hold to bring up the Music options

Image 2-6-17, 21-15.png

There are two options for adding music to Up Next:

  • Play Later: Adds the music to the end of the Up Next queue
  • Play Next: Adds the music to the top of the Up Next queue. This music is played next, then the queue continues with previously added music.

If you just want to add to your Up Next queue and continue listening to the queue in its current order, use Play Later. If you want to listen to a particular song or album immediately after the currently-playing song has finished, use Play Next. Keep in mind that if you’re listening to a particular album or playlist, anything you add using Play Next is played immediately after the song has finished. If you like to listen to complete albums, you won’t want to use this as often.

If you’ve added a selection of music to the Up Next queue and then try to play a different song entirely, a message appears that asks if you want to keep, or clear, the Up Next queue.

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