Creating Self-Hosted VPN Servers With Algo

When the Senate voted to repeal internet privacy rules and allow ISPs to sell data about their customers without consent, recommendations for third-party VPN services increased. These services keep your internet connection on public networks safe and secure, but they shouldn't be relied upon if you value your privacy. While your internet traffic is encrypted … Continue reading Creating Self-Hosted VPN Servers With Algo

Services Are Already Starting to Support JSON Feed

That didn't take long. Popular feed reading services Feedbin, Inoreader, and NewsBlur have each announced immediate support for JSON Feed.I've tested this with NewsBlur by replacing a few RSS feeds with JSON and it works perfectly. If you use one these services, consider using JSON feeds wherever possible. The more they're used, the more widely … Continue reading Services Are Already Starting to Support JSON Feed


Earlier this week, Manton Reece and Brent Simmons announced their development of JSON Feed, a spec for JSON-formatted feeds that would be an alternative to the XML variants of RSS and Atom: We — Manton Reece and Brent Simmons — have noticed that JSON has become the developers’ choice for APIs, and that developers will … Continue reading JSON Feed

On Apple’s Services

Ryan Christoffel at MacStories writes about his experiences using Apple's services, and how he feels their historically bad reputation is perhaps no longer true: Services are a key component of modern Apple. The way the company defines itself, along with the numerous services shoutouts in quarterly earnings calls, prove that. Despite Apple's increased focus on … Continue reading On Apple’s Services