Two New Keyboard Shortcuts in iOS 11

This first beta of iOS 11 has a small number of new keyboard shortcuts, though more may be added as we get closer to release. Two particular shortcuts are worth highlighting.

  • Instead of swiping up to see the Dock, it can be shown at any time using + + D. It seems quite buggy for now and seems to toggle the Dock’s visibility, rather than only show it, so invoking it on the home screen seems to causes the Dock to disappear.
  • Another screenshot shortcut has been added, + + 4. This takes a screenshot but immediately opens it in the markup editor instead of leaving it for you to action. If you’re regularly marking up screenshots, this is a particularly useful shortcut to familiarize yourself with.

As usual, you can view a list of available keyboard shortcuts for every app by holding down the ⌘ key. Not every app may include all available shortcuts in this list (e.g., Safari), so there may be new shortcuts that are not yet documented.