Workflow Directory Is Now on GitHub

In December 2016, I announced that I’d no longer be updating Workflow Directory. The Workflow team had made some great improvements to the gallery, the biggest of which was user submissions. At the time, it didn’t make sense to continue working on the site when the built-in feature was so much better.

Fast forward to March 2017 and the news broke that Apple had acquired Workflow. While the app continues to be updated, the gallery is not accepting user submissions. Since then, I had often wondered if it’d make sense to reopen Workflow Directory.

So I’ve decided to do just that, but in the process I’ve made a fundamental change. After testing the waters last week with a similar endeavor, Workflow Directory into a GitHub repository. Existing workflows have been migrated (with the exception of a few that are non-functional) and I’ve added a few new ones too. Each workflow has an accompanying README containing a description.

If you’re unfamiliar with Git, don’t fret. Browsing the repository and downloading workflows is essentially the same experience as before, you’re just doing it through GitHub’s web interface. There’s even a new Submit to Workflow Directory workflow if you want to create a submission1.

For those of you that do know Git, you can clone or fork the repository (I recommend the awesome Working Copy for iOS) and you’re more than welcome to submit pull requests for submissions (in fact, I’d prefer it!)

Moving to GitHub provides some much needed flexibility. Unlike the previous website, the repository hosts actual workflow files. Should Workflow ever lose the ability to share workflows using links, the repository isn’t affected (unlike the old website). It also means that I can have others help out with submission reviews. The drawback of the migration is that the existing RSS feeds for Workflow Directory are no longer available, though you can follow the repository so you’re notified of new updates. The Twitter account will still be active and posting updates though.

Check out the GitHub repository and I look forward to receiving your submissions!

  1. The submission workflow files an issue within the repository that will be actioned when the next batch of updates are made. 

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