The iTunes Store’s Border Is Opening

Last year, I wrote about my experience of changing the country of my iTunes account. A major drawback to this process had been that purchases I made in the U.K. stores (App Store, Mac App Store, and iTunes Store) no longer appeared in my purchase history. I could still download apps I had already bought for free but I had to go through the purchase process again1. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do the same with iTunes Store content as past purchases no longer appeared in iTunes in the Cloud.

It now seems that Apple is taking steps to remedy this. I discovered last week that my entire App Store purchase history was now showing. What’s more, viewing a previously purchased app in the App Store now shows the download icon, not the price, so it’s much easier to identify apps I had already purchased in the U.K. store.

It’s a similar story with my iTunes Store purchases, though not everything is there. I estimate about half of my purchased movies and TV shows are now available through iTunes in the Cloud, so I can again download them straight to my iOS devices. It’s odd that only some of my purchases are available, but it’s a start. Hopefully more of my purchases will appear over time.

  1. It’s a frustrating process because you even have to approve the purchase and hope that it’s definitely an app you purchased before. If it is, the App Store displays a message saying the app will be downloaded for free. If not, you’re charged for it. On more than one occasion I’ve accidentally bought an app I thought I had. 


  1. Martin says:

    Hi Jordan,
    thank you for sharing your experience. Are there any further improvements to the situation? I will be in the same position soon, moving to the US, and even after reading your posts I’m still a little worried 😉


    1. I haven’t noticed any further changes unfortunately.


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