I’ve been regularly writing on the web since 2012. I’ve a published a couple of books and written for a number of Mac & iOS websites.


  • Back Up Your Mac With Time Machine (2013). This book breaks down each feature of Time Machine, the built-in backup utility of Mac OS X, from setting it up with an external hard drive or Time Capsule to restoring files and even your Mac.
  • The iOS Compendium, Volume 1 (2014). This is an interactive iBook containing over 40 of the best tips and tricks that iOS has to offer. It contains over an hour of video screencasts.


I’ve written many reviews, guides, and tutorials, for various websites, primarily focused on the Mac and iOS.

The Instructional

  1. Encrypt an External Disk or USB Stick with a Password
  2. Quick Tip: Easily Change OS X’s Audio Sources via the Menu Bar
  3. Configure an AirPort Express as an Ethernet AirPlay Receiver
  4. Tracking a Lost Device with Find My iPhone
  5. Screencast: Backing up to Multiple Drives with Time Machine
  6. Creating Launch Center Pro Actions for Fantastical Reminders
  7. Screencast: A Simple and Secure iOS Passcode
  8. High-Speed Data Transfers between Macs with Thunderbolt
  9. Mac Administration: A Closer Look at System Information
  10. Mac Administration: Build & Deploy OS X Images with AutoDMG
  11. Reset Your OS X Password Using Your Apple ID
  12. Using Earphones With Remote and Mic with a Mac, iPad and iPod
  13. A More Efficient Way of Importing Content Into iTunes
  14. Setting Up iTunes Wi-Fi Syncing
  15. Protecting Your Mac With a Firmware Password
  16. Building an OS X Triage Drive
  17. Disk Management From the Command-Line, Part 3
  18. Disk Management From the Command-Line, Part 2
  19. Disk Management From the Command-Line, Part 1
  20. Remote System Monitoring With iStat for iOS
  21. Using iTunes Encrypted Backups
  22. How to Re-Run the OS X Setup Assistant
  23. iCloud Photo Sharing With Shared Photo Streams
  24. CD & DVD Sharing With Remote Disc
  25. Parental Controls With iOS Restrictions
  26. Gatekeeper Fundamentals, Part 2
  27. Gatekeeper Fundamentals, Part 1
  28. Information at a Glance with Status Board
  29. Organise Dropbox Camera Uploads with Hazel
  30. Mailbox and Folder Management in iOS Mail
  31. Sharing Maps Directions in OS X
  32. A Guide to Personal Hotspot


  1. Set Up a Guest Network and Timed Access Control on an AirPort Base Station
  2. The Complete Guide to Find My Mac
  3. Using a USB Audio Device With a Raspberry Pi
  4. Turn a Mac into a Video Surveillance System
  5. Create an Interactive Book With iBooks Author
  6. How to Highlight Colours in Black and White Photos With Aperture
  7. Apples and Pears: A Guide to Alternative Apple Accessories
  8. How to Use Automator to Generate Spoken Ringtones
  9. iCloud Guide to Calendars and Reminders
  10. Your First Raspberry Pi: A Buyer’s Guide
  11. How to Set Up Outlook.com IMAP in Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook
  12. How to Get the Most From iCloud Email
  13. How to Create Free Offsite Backups With CrashPlan
  14. Taking Mobile Payments With iZettle
  15. A Beginner’s Guide to OS X File Sharing
  16. Create Awesome Invoices in Numbers
  17. Myke Hurley on the History and Future of Podcasting
  18. How to Share a Hotel Room’s Internet Connection Over Wi-Fi
  19. Create a Wireless Network Survey With NetSpot
  20. Squarespace Activity and Google Analytics Compared
  21. How to Capture and Record Audio on Your Mac
  22. Blogging and Promoting Your Online Business With SquareSpace
  23. 5 Ways to AirPlay From Your Mac to Your Television
  24. Setting Up a Hosted Email Solution With Microsoft Office 365
  25. Create Your Own Custom Extension for PopClip
  26. Room to Grow: Data Storage for Your Mac Explained
  27. Quick Tip: How to Use Safari’s Reading List
  28. Setting Up a Hosted Email Solution With Google Apps
  29. Protecting Your Data: How to Backup Your Design Files
  30. Manage Macs Remotely Using Apple Remote Desktop
  31. How to Set Up Your Online Business Presence With Squarespace
  32. 40 Terminal Tips and Tricks You Never Thought You Needed
  33. How to Configure a Mac to Make Remote Support a Breeze
  34. Quick Tip: Use Multiple Backups Destinations in Time Machine
  35. OS X Accessibility 101
  36. How to Set Up Your Mac to Allow AirPrinting From iOS
  37. Relocate the Home Folder to Another Drive or Volume
  38. The Complete Guide to iCloud on Your Mac
  39. The Complete Guide to Buying an External Display for Your Mac
  40. Bluetooth 101
  41. 5 Ways to OCR Documents on Your Mac
  42. How to Use a Game Controller With Your Mac
  43. How to Install and Start Using OS X Server
  44. Kyle Lambert on Digital Art and Illustration With the Mac
  45. Delving Deeper Into Automator in OS X
  46. How to Manage Your Mac’s Disk Space Using DaisyDisk
  47. How to Calibrate Your Mac’s Display
  48. Go Paperless With Doxie
  49. 5 Ways to Play Games On Your Mac
  50. A Beginner’s Guide to the Ports on Your Mac
  51. Install Two Versions of OS X on One Mac Using Parallels
  52. How to Customize and Maintain Your Mac with Onyx
  53. Practical Tips For Taking Care of Your Mac’s Battery
  54. The Complete Guide to the Mac App Store
  55. Quick Tip: Move Your iMovie Events and Projects to an External Drive
  56. How to Use VPN on Your Mac
  57. Quick Tip: Share Your Mac’s Printer and Scanner
  58. How to Move Your iTunes, iPhoto or Aperture Library to an External Drive
  59. 5 More Quick Fixes to Common Mac Problems
  60. 5 Quick Fixes to Common Mac Problems
  61. How to Set Up and Use FileVault 2
  62. 3 Ways to Bring Back Web Sharing in OS X Mountain Lion
  63. 5 Ways to Sync Files Between Your Macs
  64. Using Third Party Keyboards and Mice With Your Mac
  65. An Introductory Guide to Data Recovery
  66. Quick Tip: Digitally Insert Signatures into Documents Using Preview
  67. How to Increase the Performance of Your Wireless Network
  68. Send and Receive Faxes With Your Mac
  69. Getting The Most From The Apple Store
  70. How to Create an Awesome Diagnostic Drive for Your Mac
  71. Stream Media From Your Mac to Almost Any Media Receiver with Plex
  72. AppleCare: The Ultimate Guide
  73. Give Your Mac a Voice with Text-to-Speech


  1. Doxie Flip Offers Even More Scanning Functionality
  2. MacBooster: More Cold Remedy Than Flu Shot
  3. Windows Screen Sharing With Microsoft Remote Desktop
  4. CodeKit is a Web Developer’s Swiss Army Knife
  5. Supercharge AirPrint With Printopia
  6. Downloads Made Easy With Folx
  7. PhoneView Gives You More Access to Your iOS Device
  8. Report on Networked Macs With Network Inventory Advisor
  9. JamStation: Flawed but Useful Music Discovery
  10. Gorgeous Email Templates With Mail Designer Pro
  11. Firetask is a Low-Cost Alternative to OmniFocus
  12. Proactive Troubleshooting With Techtool Pro 7
  13. GrandTotal is a Serious Contender to Big Name Invoicing Apps
  14. Nicecast: Become an Internet Radio Star
  15. Doo 2: A Document Organiser That Misses the Mark
  16. iDocument 2 Puts You Back in Control
  17. Supercharge Your Mac’s Peripherals with USB Overdrive
  18. The 10 Best Non-Subscription Invoicing and Time Tracking Apps
  19. GarageSale: Your Complete eBay Selling Tool
  20. Telephone: Internet Telephony for Your Mac
  21. DropDMG: The Simplest Way to Make Customized Disk Images
  22. Create a Picture From a Thousand Words With Wordify
  23. Create Your Own Animated GIFs With GIF Brewery
  24. Automatic Time Tracking with RealTime
  25. BitTorrent Sync: File Syncing Decentralised
  26. Lost Photos: Find Treasured Photos Buried in Your Email
  27. WiFi Explorer: The Wireless Swiss Army Knife
  28. iDocument: The Paperless Life, Simplified
  29. Professional Remote Support With TeamViewer
  30. The 5 Best App.net Apps for Your Mac


  1. Flickr Studio Provides the Perfect Flickr Experience on the iPad
  2. Set Sail With Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Companion
  3. A Unique Take on GTD With Gneo
  4. Rounding Off With Numbers
  5. Keynote Is a Feature Presentation of iOS 7
  6. Windows Remote Access With Microsoft Remote Desktop
  7. Firetask is a Low-Cost Alternative to OmniFocus
  8. Byword 2.1: Beautiful Markdown for iOS 7
  9. Instacast 4: iOS 7 or Bust
  10. Doo: Your Documents on the Go
  11. VLC: One App to Play Them All
  12. Reeder 2: It’s Reeder, Remastered
  13. Digg: Your Complete Social News App?
  14. Revolutionise Your Point of Sale With iZettle
  15. Calendar Alarm: Your Alarm Clock for Events
  16. Prompt: Easily Connect via SSH or Telnet to Remote Computers
  17. Consume: Monitor All Your Usage Information in One Place


  1. Route Planning With CoPilot GPS
  2. A Unique Take on GTD With Gneo
  3. Rounding Off With Numbers
  4. Keynote Is a Feature Presentation of iOS 7
  5. Sprint to the Finish With Nike+ Running
  6. Podcasts: Third Time Lucky?
  7. Bring Back Visual Voicemail with HulloMail
  8. Powerful Unit Conversion With Convert
  9. BBC iPlayer Radio Brings on Demand Radio to the iPhone
  10. Bloom: The Best Music Streaming Service You’ve Never Heard of
  11. Camera+ 4: An Almost Perfect Camera App
  12. Firetask is a Low-Cost Alternative to OmniFocus
  13. Moodsnap: Picture Imperfect
  14. Byword 2.1: Beautiful Markdown for iOS 7
  15. POP: Your Sketched Wireframes Brought to Life
  16. Instacast 4: iOS 7 or Bust
  17. Static: It’s All About the Numbers
  18. Public Transit Planning For London and New York With Citymapper
  19. Reeder 2: It’s Reeder, Remastered
  20. Revolutionise Your Point of Sale With iZettle


  1. GoSquared: The Google Analytics Alternate You Need
  2. FreeAgent: The Ultimate Bookkeeping Service
  3. FeedPress: The FeedBurner Alternate We’ve Been Waiting For

Other websites

  1. Old Mac of the Month: The iMac G5 – 512 Pixels