Nokia Fakes PureView Ad

The Verge go all CSI and call Nokia out on their highly misleading ad for the image stabilisation of the PureView camera the new Lumia 920. It was edited to give the impression that the footage was shot with a Lumia 920 by someone riding a bike, but after some careful detective work it was discovered the footage was shot using what appears to be a professional SLR hanging out the side of a van.

Nice going, Nokia.

Up—-date: The Verge report Nokia has issued an apology on their blog. Get’s A Huge Update

Awesome blogging platform (which I’ve been using for a few months) that utilises your Dropbox to update your blog posts get’s a massive update. There’s too much to list so check out their blog for more information.

Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter May Not Work With Your Bus-Powered Devices

Unfortunately, some drives and devices can’t draw enough power when using this adapter. The best part? It’s complete pot-luck unless you know the power requirements for your devices off-hand. Apple does state it will provide power for devices that need up to 7W but that information may not be easily identified on your drive or audio interface. I had a look at the G-Technology drives and can’t for the life of me find anywhere on their site that lists their bus-powered drive’s requirements.

Whilst investing in new Thunderbolt or USB3 devices will ensure compatibility, if you’re workflow comprises of using perfectly good FW800 drives then be prepared to lug around a power adapter and hope you’re not going to work in the field.

Twitter Vertical Synergy Market….Something

Twitter discusses their new “Tools for Businesses”:

As the number of businesses that turn to Twitter to keep in touch with their customers grows, so does the variety of their needs. We hear continually from companies looking for tools to help them engage with customers, understand what people are saying about them on Twitter, and learn more about their followers so they can share more valuable, timely content.

Meanwhile, there is a thriving ecosystem of Twitter developers building products and services that address these needs and help businesses grow. To make it easier for businesses to find the right tools, we’re launching the Twitter Certified Products Program.

There is so much marketing speak in this post and their developer pages on the subject that I think I need to give Jack Donaghy a call.

Clean – An Automatic Desktop Cleaner

Clean is a simple app that automatically moves files and folders you’ve got cluttering your Desktop into a folder of your choice with options to change the frequency and whether to group them in sub-folders by date.

It’s free on the Mac App Store and is indispensable.

Sony Debuts Alpha NEX-5R Interchangeable Lens Camera


With the NEX-5R, Sony has also introduced the concept of apps, à la iOS or Android. Camera apps can be downloaded using WiFi or by a wired computer connection. A dedicated Sony app store connected to the Sony Entertainment Network called PlayMemories Camera Apps will be launched in October, on the same day that the NEX-5R is offered for sale. This online will let you download apps directly to the camera to personalize and enhance its features.

Interesting feature on Sony’s latest mirrorless camera and I’d like to see if this is open to 3rd party developers. The #1 killer feature that makes the iPhone the most popular camera on Flickr by far is the entire app ecosystem. To be able to take a picture, process it and upload it from one device is the reason apps like Instagram are so popular.

Twitter Changes Force Tapbots to Pull Tweetbot for Mac Alpha


As some of you may have already noticed the download link for the Tweetbot for Mac alpha no longer works. Twitter’s latest API Changes means now we have a large but finite limit on the number of user tokens we can get for Tweetbot for Mac. We’ve been working with Twitter over the last few days to try to work around this limit for the duration of the beta but have been unable to come up with a solution that was acceptable to them. Because of this we’ve decided its best for us to pull the alpha.

I have altered the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.

I Was Wrong, Mail Link to Page is indeed in Mountain Lion

I posted at the beginning of the month that Safari 6 in Mountain Lion lost the Mail Link to Page feature. Well, technically it did. In reality, it’s actually moved.

When using the Share button and selecting Email this Page, Mail opens with the page ready to email. Looking at the New Message window closely, there’s a new drop-down menu labelled Send Web Content As: and includes the option to send only a link to the page. There’s also a new option to PDF the page and send that instead.

(In addition, you can customise the Safari toolbar and add the Mail button which does the same thing).