Rear Occupant Alert

Get an automated reminder to check your car for rear occupants whenever CarPlay is disconnected.

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This shortcut uses the Personal Automation feature and requires the use of CarPlay to function. When CarPlay is disconnected, either by unplugging your iPhone or switching the car off, the shortcut plays an alert sound (regardless of whether the iPhone is on silent), vibrates your device multiple times, and displays a notification reminding you to check for any rear occupants (e.g., young children or pets).

Personal automations can’t be shared but you can create automations that run existing shortcuts. After installing this shortcut:

  1. Create a new Personal Automation that’s triggered whenever CarPlay disconnects.
  2. Add the Run Shortcut action and select the Rear Occupant Reminder shortcut.
  3. Uncheck Ask Before Running so the shortcut can run without confirmation.