Wi-Fi QR Code

Generate a QR code to allow others to quickly join your wireless network.


Run the shortcut to generate a QR code based on your provided network information. Devices capable of scanning QR codes can automatically connect to your network without needing to select the network or enter a password manually—most iOS and android devices support this.

The QR code is passed to the notification that is displayed after the shortcut is run. Expand the notification by dragging it down to reveal the QR code. This method requires no app-switching. If you’d prefer to switch to Shortcuts and see the QR code automatically, set the value of Notification to false.

The shortcut contains a dictionary to store your network information. If your network uses WEP encryption instead of WPA/WPA2, set the value of WPA to false.

Keep in mind that QR codes are not encrypted nor is the information saved within a shortcut.